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The medical marijuana industry is one of the most rapidly growing in the US, exceeding even the smart phone industry (Business Week 2014). Many people jump in the industry being overly optimistic they can succeed simply if they have a quality product. It’s not that simple.

Like any other business, just having a quality product or service is not enough. It’s only the first of many steps to having a successful business. Without going over all the fundamentals of operating a business, we can discuss major important components if you’re considering a franchise option.

Product. Although there are many companies that generate revenue by offering inferior products to customers, those businesses are not sustainable to grow. The marijuana industry is making a revolution based on the medicinal value of cannabis. Providing safe and organic medicine to patients is a huge responsibility.

It has taken our growers over 10 years to acquire, flower-verify and lab test the genetics provided by Clones On Fire. We preserve the best marijuana genetics.

Marketing. Sometimes a product is so amazing it can market itself, but in the medical marijuana industry patients are diligent about their research online to find reputable, marijuana genetics providers. Donations cover operating expenses and excess revenue redistributed back to members. Donations should not be used for wasteful marketing budgets.

Business. People start their own “clone business” by gathering local genetics from random growers. Business owners with more common sense buy genetics from reputable breeders or Seedbanks, but do not flower verify the strains to ensure authenticity or measure the growing difficulty of each strain because of the long lead time required to begin selling marijuana plants online.

Breaking into the medical marijuana industry has led countless people to flock and grow marijuana to sell retail to patients or wholesale to dispensaries & mobile delivery services. Cultivating cannabis for sale is very competitive and requires either many years of experience or dedicated training and knowledge of plant nutrition. Due to saturated competition, it is very difficult to establish a new marijuana business without consuming a lot resources and capital.

Offering genetics to patients in the form of mature plants ready to cultivate is a developing niche that removes competition and allows our franchisees to succeed with out any problems. Together we’ll grow far!

Why Choose Clones On Fire?

Established Brand.  Like any other franchise, the major three (3) components of operating a successful business are resolved. The risks associated with launching a new company and establishing a brand are eliminated. What remains then to be successful is to operate the franchise using recommended procedures & maintaining exemplary customer service.

Industry Leader.  Become apart of our rapidly growing business and assist medical marijuana patients in your area by joining The Clones On Fire. Start-up’s leverage our status as the #1 provider of genetics across the nation. Our mission is to help patients who depend on legal, safe & easy access to marijuana plants, which includes assisting our franchisees too.

What Do Franchisees Receive?

Each franchise owner receives all the materials and assistance necessary to get started cultivating marijuana plants for patients. We offer franchisees a turnkey solution to become a leading provider of genetics in their city.

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Expert Grower Support

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If you're new to cultivating and would like help each month doing preventative maintenance for your cannabis garden, COF Nursery provides several options for you to have routine expert grower visits. Whether it's your first grow and need weekly visits or have intermediate experience and would like quarterly visits, our professional, discrete & friendly cultivation experts will assist you in learning simple, preventative growing techniques. Increase the potency and yield of each harvest with garden preventative maintenance.

COF Nursery has mastered every grow room design imaginable, including the most sophisticated indoor rooms or simple outdoor greenhouses. The growing environment you provide your plants has a huge impact on the quality and yield of each harvest. For example, well constructed rooms can save energy by dispersing light and circulating air better. Do you already have contractor experience or professional assistance? Save money by utilizing just our grow room designs and equipment/material discounts.

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