Clone Shipper (ship 6-clones per shipper)

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If you’re an avid grower looking for the best plant cultivators to ship your clone, look no further than COF Clone Shipper. PLANT GROWERS EVERYWHERE KNOW THERE’S NOTHING MORE REFRESHING THAN BEING ABLE TO GROW YOUR OWN PLANTS, HEALING HERBS, AND VEGETABLES. In order to ensure your plant will get to you safe and secure, choose the best plant cultivator in the U.S. – COF Clone Shipper. The past solutions for shipping clones, plants, and herbs have often left plants struggling to survive. Any plant grower knows the importance of receiving a plant that is healthy, intact and that is already growing. Being a passionate plant grower means you’re able to nurture and foster the growth of a living plant and enjoy seeing the end results of a rare flower, heirloom vegetable or herb with medical benefits. While working with something so valuable, don’t chance shipping your clones in a plant cultivator that could potentially harm or kill your plant. AS A GROWER, WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO HARM THE PLANTS THAT YOU WORK SO HARD TO GROW AND SHARE? CHECK OUT WHY OUR COF CLONE SHIPPER IS RIGHT FOR YOU!


Step 1: Place rooted cut into the COF Clone Shipper, and be sure that the plug is properly saturated to increase the chances of survival. Each Clone Shipper comes with five compartments. You can send multiple plant types in each Clone Shipper, just be sure to note which cultivar is in each slot. If you are using un-rooted cuttings, wrap the end with a paper towel, then place the cut into a small plastic bag to keep the towel moist. Place the rooted cut(s) into one of the Clone Shipper compartments. Step 2: Turn on the LED light inside the Clone Shipper by removing the plastic between the shipper and the battery and clicking to turn on. Peel off plastic and stick LED light on the shipper The LED light ensures that the plant cuttings stay in the proper vegetative state during shipping. Step 3: Close the Clone Shipper and seal the top by clicking edges together. Step 4: Place the sealed Clone Shipper inside of a small flat rate box. Boxes work best because they provide extra protection and. (Express shipping provides the best results, as the least amount of time that a plant cutting is in an unfavorable environment the better). Step 5: Send off your plant cuttings and help Grow The World! Please Note: Optimal results will be ensured when plant cuttings are healthy. Healthy cuttings have the highest survival rate and they will typically thrive once they arrive.  This is why you should always get your cuttings from us! -Thank you for choosing COF Clone Shippers-


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